Dear Parents,
We are developing a pilot program that uses storytelling as a means to
connect children’s creativity. All children are naturally creative. Our goal
is to nurture this natural ability as a springboard for ideas and
possibilities, building resilience in their journey to discover what they
may want to be.

[insert name]

What do we need?

Children tell a story about something or someone that:

Stories submitted must be created by children 12 years or younger.

All children are born creative, our goal is to harness this natural ability as a springboard to DREAM BIG, explore possibilities, and build resilience in theirjourney to discover what they may want to be. 

I Believe I Can Be…

Why should I participate?

Children have the opportunity to share their imagination and creativity with others their age.

Participation builds skills and confidence, writing scripts, fostering creativity, and learning the art of storytelling. The story categories will help build emotional intelligence and citizenship. Most importantly, we may plant the seed of early career thought and belief in their pursuit of purpose that all things are possible.

Be part of your child’s journey to DREAM BIG

Reward and recognition

Future Me selects stories and we develop the ones we think will spark children’s imaginations.

Children can vote on their favorite story with a star rating once they have subscribed.

Vote to win

Each month a child who voted on any story in any category will be awarded an exclusive Future Me cap with Flying Pig. 

Become a published author

Any child who submits a story that Future Me develops and publishes will be recognised as the Author, be awarded a Future Me cap, and go into the Future Me Academy Hall of Fame.