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Billie The Clever Pig is a series of interactive audio visual stories designed for Foundation to Year 2 children. Billie provides teachers and parents a way to help children discover their PURPOSE.

Each story is structured to plant the seed of early career thought and develop important social skills.

The stories are accompanied by fun activities for teachers and parents to enable role play and discussion linked to learning from the Australian Curriculum. Teachers and parents can gauge story impact through the activities.

Do You Know What You Want To Be? 

Let’s find out.

Animated Stories

Foundation to Year 2 (ages 4 to 8)
Click on the images below to watch the trailers and see the range of available animated stories. 
Morton Can’t See
Fiction inspired by
Dr Fred Hollows, eye surgeon
Emoo’s Too Slow
Fiction inspired by
Cathy Freeman, Olympic runner
Frilly Wants To Fly
COMING SOON – Inspired by
Nancy Bird Walton, aviator
Hugs Lost Colour
IN DEVELOPMENT – Inspired by
Dr Fiona Wood, surgeon
Morton Lost Touch
IN DEVELOPMENT – Inspired by
Ben Lexcen, designer

Oli Can’t Hear
IN DEVELOPMENT – Inspired by
Prof. Graeme Clark, cochlear implant

These Animated Stories developed in assistance with Stewart House.  https://www.stewarthouse.org.au/

You can get access to the full length animated stories, supported by our Parent and Teacher activity books.
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Activity Books

Foundation to Year 2 (ages 4 to 8) 

Available for parents and teachers. 

Each animated story is complemented by a ‘treasure trove’ of activities. In each story there are a number of  ** indicating suggested pauses that are linked to activities in the activity book. They support deep learning and the pursuit of PURPOSE. The activities are suitable for a range of levels and literacy skills. 

Reduce time searching for appropriate activities that match Australian Curriculum content descriptions. In each story there are a number of  ** indicating suggested pauses that are linked to activities in the activity books. They support deep learning and the pursuit of PURPOSE. The activities are suitable for a range of levels, literacy skills and support teachers to gauge story message resonance.

Becoming a Superhero

The greatest gift of all is you. You are a gift to this world and the greatest gift you can give is the gift of yourself to help others. You can be your own Superhero.

Our activity books can show you how. 

Coming soon …

Frilly the frilled necked lizard dreams of flying but continues to crash in her efforts to fly. Morton is scared that his friend Frilly may get badly hurt. Morton calls Billie the clever pig to help. Billie works out a way to capture the gas from cow burps to use in a hot air balloon. Morton becomes worried about the methane gas because it hurts the earth’s protective ozone layer. They work out a way to change the cow’s diet so that it stops gas burps, keeps the cows happy and Frilly can still fly.

In development …

Tragedy … an octopus who can no longer change colour! Hugs the octopus is embarrassed about her skin and her looks. She hides away from her friends ‘I’m ugly.’ Morton the frog is worried and calls Billie the clever pig to help. Billie recognises the problem is too much sun and works out a way to use jellyfish infused with a special skin colouring bacteria. Hugs sprays it on and restores her skin to show beautiful colours and be confident again.

In development …

Poor Morton! His entire frog family have been swept away in a flood. Morton is devastated. Frilly is scared that Morton will drown trying to find them. Billie the clever pig helps by working out a way for Morton to find his family and safely cross rivers, rapids, and a lake in a specially designed boat with a winged keel. Morton finally succeeds in finding his family.

In development …

‘Oi – Oli’! Oli the elephant loves to dance to loud music but the music is sending him deaf. His friends mock him, calling out ‘Oli Oli Oli – Oi Oi Oi!’ His friend Frilly is very worried about Oli’s disability and contacts Billie the clever pig. Billie comes up with a creative solution using shells, glue, and a special plant to help Oli hear and dance again.